You may have already heard about Gordon Brown’s apology to Alan Turing (see my previous blog). I felt these empty words were worth little, and so posted a follow-up petition asking for Turing and others like him to be formally pardoned; they are still criminals in the eyes of the law in the UK. This was accepted today. If you are a British citizen and agree that Alan Turing and the thousands of others like him who were persecuted under the same law should no longer be viewed as a criminal, then please sign the petition.


If you came here looking for news on OpenJDK, then I’ll shortly be providing an update on NSS support in IcedTea. Stay tuned.

He apologises in response to the petition, but there’s no pardon for Turing or for the thousands of others who suffered under such a vile law; instead the apology is misused as an opportunity to pat him and his party on the back for how ‘this Government has done so much to make life fairer and more equal for our LGBT community’.