Following the proposed end-of-life of OpenJDK 6 upstream, we will be concluding support for the IcedTea 1.x series with the following upcoming releases:

  • 1.13.13, containing the October 2016 security updates in the upcoming OpenJDK 6 b41 release.
  • 1.14.0, based on the same b41 release but containing the changes from IcedTea 1.x HEAD which were thought too disruptive for the stable branch release. The remaining proposed changes for 1.14.0 will be reviewed and the more extensive tasks dropped, given the upcoming discontinuation of this major release series.

We have no plans to produce backports of the security updates for January 2017 and beyond, either upstream in OpenJDK 6 or in IcedTea 1.x.

Others are, of course, welcome to take over maintainership of IcedTea 1.x if they wish to do so.

Many thanks for your support over the years.