The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from OpenJDK using Free Software build tools, along with additional features such as the ability to build against system libraries and support for alternative virtual machines and architectures beyond those supported by OpenJDK.

This release updates our OpenJDK 7 support in the 2.6.x series with the July 2016 security fixes from OpenJDK 7 u111.

If you find an issue with the release, please report it to our bug database under the appropriate component. Development discussion takes place on the distro-pkg-dev OpenJDK mailing list and patches are always welcome.

Full details of the release can be found below.

What’s New?

New in release 2.6.7 (2016-07-28)

  • Security fixes
  • Import of OpenJDK 7 u111 build 0
    • S6953295: Move few{util, x509, pkcs} classes used by keytool/jarsigner to another package
    • S7060849: Eliminate pack200 build warnings
    • S7064075: Security libraries don’t build with javac -Xlint:all,-deprecation -Werror
    • S7069870: Parts of the JDK erroneously rely on generic array initializers with diamond
    • S7102686: Restructure timestamp code so that jars and modules can more easily share the same code
    • S7105780: Add SSLSocket client/SSLEngine server to templates directory
    • S7142339: is needlessly creating SHA1PRNG SecureRandom instances when timestamping is not done
    • S7152582: PKCS11 tests should use the NSS libraries available in the OS
    • S7192202: Make sure keytool prints both unknown and unparseable extensions
    • S7194449: String resources for Key Tool and Policy Tool should be in their respective packages
    • S7196855: fails on ubuntu because not found
    • S7200682: TEST_BUG: keytool/ still has problems with
    • S8002306: (se) fails if invoked with thread interrupt status set [win]
    • S8009636: JARSigner including TimeStamp PolicyID (TSAPolicyID) as defined in RFC3161
    • S8019341: Update CookieHttpsClientTest to use the newer framework.
    • S8022228: Intermittent test failures in sun/security/ssl/javax/net/ssl/NewAPIs
    • S8022439: Fix lint warnings in
    • S8022594: Potential deadlock in <clinit> of
    • S8023546: sun/security/mscapi/ fails intermittently
    • S8036612: [parfait] JNI exception pending in jdk/src/windows/native/sun/security/mscapi/security.cpp
    • S8037557: test timeout
    • S8038837: Add support to jarsigner for specifying timestamp hash algorithm
    • S8079410: Hotspot version to share the same update and build version from JDK
    • S8130735: javax.swing.TimerQueue: timer fires late when another timer starts
    • S8139436: might load incomplete data
    • S8144313: Test SessionTimeOutTests can be timeout
    • S8146387: Test SSLSession/SessionCacheSizeTests socket accept timed out
    • S8146669: Test SessionTimeOutTests fails intermittently
    • S8146993: Several javax/management/remote/mandatory regression tests fail after JDK-8138811
    • S8147857: [TEST] RMIConnector logs attribute names incorrectly
    • S8151841, PR3098: Build needs additional flags to compile with GCC 6
    • S8151876: (tz) Support tzdata2016d
    • S8157077: 8u101 L10n resource file updates
    • S8161262: Fix jdk build with gcc 4.1.2: -fno-strict-overflow not known.
  • Import of OpenJDK 7 u111 build 1
    • S7081817: test/sun/security/provider/certpath/X509CertPath/ failing
    • S8140344: add support for 3 digit update release numbers
    • S8145017: Add support for 3 digit hotspot minor version numbers
    • S8162344: The API changes made by CR 7064075 need to be reverted
  • Backports
    • S2178143, PR2958: JVM crashes if the number of bound CPUs changed during runtime
    • S4900206, PR3101: Include worst-case rounding tests for Math library functions
    • S6260348, PR3067: GTK+ L&F JTextComponent not respecting desktop caret blink rate
    • S6934604, PR3075: enable parts of EliminateAutoBox by default
    • S7043064, PR3020: sun/java2d/cmm/ tests failed against RI b141 & b138-nightly
    • S7051394, PR3020: NullPointerException when running regression tests LoadProfileTest by using openjdk-7-b144
    • S7086015, PR3013: fix test/tools/javac/parser/netbeans/
    • S7119487, PR3013: test fails on Windows platforms
    • S7124245, PR3020: [lcms] ColorConvertOp to color space CS_GRAY apparently converts orange to 244,244,0
    • S7159445, PR3013: (javac) emits inaccurate diagnostics for enhanced for-loops
    • S7175845, PR1437, RH1207129: ‘jar uf’ changes file permissions unexpectedly
    • S8005402, PR3020: Need to provide benchmarks for color management
    • S8005530, PR3020: [lcms] Improve performance of ColorConverOp for default destinations
    • S8005930, PR3020: [lcms] ColorConvertOp: Alpha channel is not transferred from source to destination.
    • S8013430, PR3020: REGRESSION: closed/java/awt/color/ICC_Profile/LoadProfileTest/ fails with invalid type code: EE since 8b87
    • S8014286, PR3075: failed java/lang/Math/ after 6934604 changes
    • S8014959, PR3075: assert(Compile::current()->live_nodes() < (uint)MaxNodeLimit) failed: Live Node limit exceeded limit
    • S8019247, PR3075: SIGSEGV in compiled method c8e.e.t_.getArray(Ljava/lang/Class;)[Ljava/lang/Object
    • S8024511, PR3020: Crash during color profile destruction
    • S8025429, PR3020: [parfait] warnings from b107 for sun.java2d.cmm: JNI exception pending
    • S8026702, PR3020: Fix for 8025429 breaks jdk build on windows
    • S8026780, PR3020, RH1142587: Crash on PPC and PPC v2 for Java_awt test suit
    • S8047066, PR3020: Test test/sun/awt/image/ fails with ClassCastException
    • S8069181, PR3012, RH1015612: java.lang.AssertionError when compiling JDK 1.4 code in JDK 8
    • S8158260, PR2992, RH1341258: PPC64: unaligned Unsafe.getInt can lead to the generation of illegal instructions
    • S8159244, PR3075: Partially initialized string object created by C2′s string concat optimization may escape
  • Bug fixes
    • PR2799, RH1195203: Files are missing from resources.jar
    • PR2900: Don’t use WithSeed versions of NSS functions as they don’t fully process the seed
    • PR3091: SystemTap is heavily confused by multiple JDKs
    • PR3102: Extend 8022594 to AixPollPort
    • PR3103: Handle case in clean-fonts where has not been created
    • PR3111: Provide option to disable SystemTap tests
    • PR3114: Don’t assume system mime.types supports text/x-java-source
    • PR3115: Add check for elliptic curve cryptography implementation
    • PR3116: Add tests for Java debug info and source files
    • PR3118: Path to agpl-3.0.txt not updated
    • PR3119: Makefile handles cacerts as a symlink, but the configure check doesn’t
  • AArch64 port
    • S8148328, PR3100: aarch64: redundant lsr instructions in stub code.
    • S8148783, PR3100: aarch64: SEGV running SpecJBB2013
    • S8148948, PR3100: aarch64: generate_copy_longs calls align() incorrectly
    • S8150045, PR3100: arraycopy causes segfaults in SATB during garbage collection
    • S8154537, PR3100: AArch64: some integer rotate instructions are never emitted
    • S8154739, PR3100: AArch64: TemplateTable::fast_xaccess loads in wrong mode
    • S8157906, PR3100: aarch64: some more integer rotate instructions are never emitted

The tarballs can be downloaded from:

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The checksums can be downloaded from:

A 2.6.7 ebuild for Gentoo is available.

The following people helped with these releases:

We would also like to thank the bug reporters and testers!

To get started:

$ tar xzf icedtea-2.6.7.tar.gz


$ tar x -I xz -f icedtea-2.6.7.tar.xz


$ mkdir icedtea-build
$ cd icedtea-build
$ ../icedtea-2.6.7/configure
$ make

Full build requirements and instructions are available in the INSTALL file.

Happy hacking!