The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from OpenJDK using Free Software build tools, along with additional features such as a PulseAudio sound driver and support for alternative virtual machines.

This release updates our OpenJDK 7 support to include the latest security updates. We recommend that users of the 2.3.x branch upgrade to this latest release as soon as possible. The security fixes are as follows:

The HotSpot part of S8001330 is currently only provided for HotSpot 23.7 on x86, x86_64 and SPARC architectures as we’ve found it to be unstable when applied to the older HotSpot used by Zero. If we find a solution for this, we’ll issue a further update.

In addition, IcedTea includes the usual IcedTea patches to allow builds against system libraries and to support more esoteric architectures. In this release, use of the system version of LCMS is disabled by default to ensure the most secure version is used. Before using the system version, please ensure it has the S8007925, S8007926, S8007927, S8007929 and S8009654 updates listed above.

If you find an issue with the release, please report it to our bug database under the appropriate component. Development discussion takes place on the distro-pkg-dev OpenJDK mailing list and patches are always welcome.

Full details of the release can be found below. Note that the unusually large number of backports is due to syncing with the upstream u25 release, which also provides all these.

What’s New?

New in release 2.3.10 (2013-06-28)

  • Security fixes
  • New features
    • PR1378: Add AArch64 support to Zero
  • Bug fixes
    • PR1409: IcedTea 2.3.9 fails to build Zero due to -Werror
    • PR1410: Icedtea 2.3.9 fails to build using icedtea 1.12.4
  • Backports
    • S6720349: (ch) Channels tests depending on hosts inside Sun
    • S6736316: Timeout value in java/util/concurrent/locks/Lock/ is insufficient
    • S6776144: java/lang/ThreadGroup/ fails with Thread group is not destroyed ,fastdebug LINUX
    • S6818464: TEST_BUG: java/util/Timer/ failing intermittently
    • S6860309: TEST_BUG: Insufficient sleep time in java/lang/Runtime/exec/
    • S6948101: java/rmi/transport/pinLastArguments/ failing intermittently
    • S6957683: test/java/util/concurrent/ThreadPoolExecutor/ failing
    • S6963102: Testcase failures sun/tools/jstatd/ and sun/tools/jstatd/
    • S6963841: java/util/concurrent/Phaser/ fails intermittently
    • S6965150: TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/AsynchronousSocketChannel/ takes too long
    • S7030573: test/java/io/FileInputStream/ fails when there is insufficient disk space
    • S7032247: java/net/InetAddress/ fails if hostname resolves to loopback address
    • S7044870: java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ failed on SUSE Linux 10
    • S7053526: Upgrade JDK 8 to use Little CMS 2.4
    • S7054918: jdk_security1 test target cleanup
    • S7055362: jdk_security2 test target cleanup
    • S7055363: jdk_security3 test target cleanup
    • S7072120: No mac os x support in several regression tests
    • S7073295: TEST_BUG: test/java/lang/instrument/ causing havoc (win)
    • S7076756: TEST_BUG: com/sun/jdi/ fails to cleanup in Cygwin
    • S7076791: closed/javax/swing/JColorChooser/ failed on windows
    • S7077259: [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Test work correctly only when default L&F is Metal
    • S7084033: TEST_BUG: test/java/lang/ThreadGroup/ fails intermittently
    • S7089131: test/java/lang/invoke/ does not compile
    • S7102106: TEST_BUG: sun/security/util/Oid/ should be modified
    • S7104161: test/sun/tools/jinfo/ fails on Ubuntu
    • S7104594: [macosx] Test closed/javax/swing/JFrame/4962534/bug4962534 expects Metal L&F by default
    • S7105929: java/util/concurrent/FutureTask/ fails on solaris sparc
    • S7124347: [macosx] “java.lang.InternalError: not implemented yet” on call Graphics2D.drawRenderedImage
    • S7129800: [macosx] Regression test OverrideRedirectWindowActivationTest fails due to timing issue
    • S7132247: java/rmi/registry/readTest/ failing with Cygwin
    • S7140868: TEST_BUG: jcmd tests need to use -XX:+UsePerfData
    • S7142596: RMI JPRT tests are failing
    • S7144833: sun/tools/jcmd/ failing intermittently
    • S7144861: speed up RMI activation tests
    • S7147408: [macosx] Add autodelay to fix a regression test
    • S7151434, RH969884: java -jar -XX crashes java launcher
    • S7152183: TEST_BUG: java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ failing intermittently [sol]
    • S7152796: TEST_BUG: java/net/Socks/ does not terminate
    • S7152856: TEST_BUG: sun/net/www/protocol/jar/ failing on Windows
    • S7154113: jcmd, jps and jstat tests failing when there are unknown Java processes on the system
    • S7154114: jstat tests failing on non-english locales
    • S7161759: TEST_BUG: java/awt/Frame/WindowDragTest/ fails to compile, should be modified
    • S7162111: TEST_BUG: change tests run in headless mode [macosx]
    • S7162385: TEST_BUG: sun/net/www/protocol/jar/ failing again
    • S7175775: Disable SA options in jinfo/ test until SA updated for new hash and String count/offset
    • S7178649: TEST BUG: needs improvement to ignore the unlikely but possible timeout
    • S7183203: tests intermittent failure
    • S7183753: [TEST] Some colon in the diff for this test
    • S7184943: fix failing test com/sun/jndi/rmi/registry/RegistryContext/
    • S7184946: fix failing test com/sun/jndi/rmi/registry/RegistryContext/
    • S7185340: TEST_BUG: java/nio/channels/AsynchronousSocketChannel/ failing intermittently [win]
    • S7186111: fix bugs in java/rmi/activation/ActivationSystem/unregisterGroup/UnregisterGroup
    • S7187882: TEST_BUG: java/rmi/activation/checkusage/ fails intermittently
    • S7193219: JComboBox serialization fails in JDK 1.7
    • S7194032: update tests for upcoming changes for jtreg
    • S7194035: update tests for upcoming changes for jtreg
    • S7199143: RFE: OCSP revocation checker should provide possibility to specify connection timeout
    • S7199637: TEST_BUG: add serialization tests to jdk7u problem list for macosx
    • S8000817: Reinstate accidentally removed sleep() from ProcessBuilder/
    • S8001161: mac: EmbeddedFrame doesn’t become active window
    • S8001621: Update awk scripts that check output from jps/jcmd
    • S8002070: Remove the stack search for a resource bundle for Logger to use
    • S8002297: sun/net/www/protocol/http/ fails intermittently
    • S8002313: TEST_BUG : jdk/test/java/security/Security/ClassLoaderDeadlock/ should run in headless mode
    • S8003597: TEST_BUG: Eliminate dependency on javaweb from closed net tests
    • S8003982: new test javax/swing/AncestorNotifier/7193219/ failed on macosx
    • S8004317: TestLibrary.getUnusedRandomPort() fails intermittently, but exception not reported
    • S8004748: clean up @build tags in RMI tests
    • S8004925: java/net/Socks/ failing on all platforms
    • S8005290: remove -showversion from RMI test library subprocess mechanism
    • S8005556: java/net/Socks/ is missing @run tag
    • S8005646: TEST_BUG: java/rmi/activation/ActivationSystem/unregisterGroup/UnregisterGroup leaves process running
    • S8005920: After pressing combination Windows Key and M key, the frame, the instruction and the dialog can’t be minimized.
    • S8005932: Java 7 on mac os x only provides text clipboard formats
    • S8006120: Provide “Server JRE” for 7u train
    • S8006417: JComboBox.showPopup(), hidePopup() fails in JRE 1.7 on OS X
    • S8006534: CLONE – TestLibrary.getUnusedRandomPort() fails intermittently-doesn’t retry enough times
    • S8006536: [launcher] removes trailing slashes on arguments
    • S8006560: java/net/ipv6tests/ fails intermittently
    • S8006564: Test sun/security/util/Oid/ fails with timeout on Linux 32-bit
    • S8006669: sun/security/ssl/sun/net/www/protocol/https/HttpsURLConnection/ fails on mac
    • S8007515: TEST_BUG: update ProblemList.txt and TEST.ROOT in jdk7u-dev to match jdk8
    • S8007699: Move some tests from test/sun/security/provider/certpath/X509CertPath to closed repo
    • S8008223: java/net/BindException/ fails rarely
    • S8008249: Sync ICU into JDK :
    • S8008379: TEST_BUG: Fail automatically with java.lang.NullPointerException.
    • S8008815: [TEST_BUG] Add back tests to the Problemlist files post the jdk7u -> 7u-cpu test sync up
    • S8009165: Fix for 8008817 needs revision
    • S8009217: REGRESSION: test com/sun/org/apache/xml/internal/security/transforms/ fails to compile since 7u21b03
    • S8009463: Regression test test\java\lang\Runtime\exec\ failing.
    • S8009530: ICU Kern table support broken
    • S8009610: Blacklist certificate used with malware.
    • S8009634: TEST_BUG: sun/misc/Version/ handle 2 digit minor in VM version
    • S8009750: javax/xml/crypto/dsig/SecurityManager/ should run in other vm mode
    • S8009987: (tz) Support tzdata2013b
    • S8009996: tests javax/management/mxbean/ and javax/management/mxbean/ fail
    • S8009999: Test sun/tools/jcmd/ failing after JDK-8008820
    • S8010009: [macosx] Unable type into online word games on MacOSX
    • S8010118: Annotate jdk caller sensitive methods with @sun.reflect.CallerSensitive
    • S8010166: TEST_BUG: fix for 8009634 overlooks possible version strings (sun/misc/Version/
    • S8010213: Some api/javax_net/SocketFactory tests fail in 7u25 nightly build
    • S8010714: XML DSig API allows a RetrievalMethod to reference another RetrievalMethod
    • S8010727: WLS fails to add a logger with “” in its own LogManager subclass instance
    • S8010939: Deadlock in LogManager
    • S8011139: (reflect) Revise checking in getEnclosingClass
    • S8011154: java/awt/Frame/ShapeNotSetSometimes/ failed since 7u25b03 on windows
    • S8011313: OCSP timeout set to wrong value if not defined
    • S8011557: Improve reflection utility classes
    • S8011695: [tck-red] Application can not be run, the Security Warning dialog is gray.
    • S8011806: 7u25-b05 hotspot fastdebug build failure
    • S8011896: Add check for invalid offset for new AccessControlContext isAuthorized field
    • S8011990: TEST_BUG: java/util/logging/bundlesearch/ fails on Windows
    • S8011992: java/awt/image/mlib/ failed since jdk7u25b05
    • S8012112: java/awt/image/mlib/ fails on sparc solaris
    • S8012243: about 30% regression on specjvm2008.serial on 7u25 comparing 7u21
    • S8012330: [macosx] Sometimes the applet showing the modal dialog itself loses the ability to gain focus
    • S8012453: (process) Runtime.exec(String) fails if command contains spaces [win]
    • S8012617: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with some fonts using LineBreakMeasurer
    • S8012933: Test closed/java/awt/Dialog/DialogAnotherThread/ fails since jdk 7u25 b07
    • S8013196: TimeZone.getDefault() throws NPE due to sun.awt.AppContext.getAppContext()
    • S8013228: Create new system properties to control allowable OCSP clock skew and CRL connection timeout
    • S8013380: Removal of stack walk to find resource bundle breaks Glassfish startup
    • S8014205: Most of the Swing dialogs are blank on one win7 MUI
    • S8014423: [macosx] The scrollbar’s block increment performs incorrectly
    • S8014427: REGRESSION: closed/javax/imageio/plugins/bmp/ fails since 7u25 b09
    • S8014618, RH962568: Need to strip leading zeros in TlsPremasterSecret of DHKeyAgreement
    • S8014676: Java debugger may fail to run
    • S8014718: Netbeans IDE begins to throw a lot exceptions since 7u25 b10
    • S8014745: Provide a switch to allow stack walk search of resource bundle
    • S8014968: OCSP and CRL connection timeout is set to four hours by default

The tarball can be downloaded from:

SHA256 checksum:

  • d1c3b9423867b41508050e1d32b38e4a090f84a96b864b09936a4281ff01f5da icedtea-2.3.10.tar.gz

The tarball is accompanied by a digital signature available at:

This is produced using my public key. See details below.

The following people helped with these releases:

  • Andreas Schwab (PR1378 patch for AArch64 Zero support
  • Andrew Hughes (all other bug fixes, application of security fixes & backports, release management)

We would also like to thank the bug reporters and testers!

To get started:

$ tar xzf icedtea-2.3.10.tar.gz
$ mkdir icedtea-build
$ cd icedtea-build
$ ../icedtea-2.3.10/configure
$ make

Full build requirements and instructions are available in the INSTALL file.

Happy hacking!