[Details courtesy of Omair Majid]

Observant people may have noticed that there’s a new security release on the horizon. We’ll have new releases for you (1.11.12, 1.12.6, 2.1.9, 2.2.9, 2.3.10, 2.4.1) as soon as possible. We’re currently trying to resolve differences between what we got ahead-of-time and what Oracle have now posted publically for 7u, and are still working on backports for 6.

However, once you do have the update, you’ll noticed your plugin is broken. Don’t fear! The clever people over on the IcedTea-Web team are already aware of this and have produced a fix, which you can even install ahead of the security update. A new IcedTea-Web release will be out soon which includes this change.

Happy hacking! :-)