The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from OpenJDK using Free Software build tools, along with additional features such as a PulseAudio sound driver and support for alternative virtual machines.

A new set of security releases are now available for the OpenJDK 7 series: 2.1.6, 2.2.6 & 2.3.7. These contain the following security fixes:

In addition, IcedTea includes the usual IcedTea patches to allow builds against system libraries and to support more estoric architectures.

If you find an issue with one of these releases, please report it to our bug database under the appropriate component. Development discussion takes place on the distro-pkg-dev OpenJDK mailing list and patches are always welcome.

Full details of the releases can be found below.

What’s New?

New in release 2.3.7 (2013-02-20)

New in release 2.2.6 (2013-02-20)

New in release 2.1.6 (2013-02-20)

The tarballs can be downloaded from:

SHA256 checksums:

  • e6a65923acb29b87b9f8492adc6f00152b489441e788b64e2869301cc7fa29ba icedtea-2.1.6.tar.gz
  • 90adf40e725d7a301c3e23efdb75fcb992b0e645d8be0250cd4d058d85488f33 icedtea-2.2.6.tar.gz
  • 378f67f6f84bfb6c705f600b47b68a61b18d67648dd7eaf8498b152587695940 icedtea-2.3.7.tar.gz

Each tarball is accompanied by a digital signature available at the above ‘sig’ link. This is produced using my public key. See details below.

The following people helped with these releases:

  • Elliott Baron (production of reproducer for S8006439)
  • Severin Gehwolf (production of reproducer for S8006777)
  • Andrew John Hughes (application of security fixes & backports, creation & testing of bug fixes, reproducer testing, release management)

We would also like to thank the bug reporters and testers!

To get started:

$ tar xzf icedtea-${version}.tar.gz

where ${version} is the version of IcedTea being used.

Full build requirements and instructions are in INSTALL:

$ mkdir icedtea-build
$ cd icedtea-build
$ ../icedtea-${version}/configure [--enable-zero --enable-pulse-java
--enable-systemtap ...]
$ make

Happy hacking!