I’ve just updated the release policy page on the IcedTea wiki to include IcedTea 2.1. I’ve also now updated it with the relationship of each IcedTea release to the OpenJDK release it uses as a base. Each IcedTea release supplements OpenJDK with various patches, whether via application at build-time in IcedTea6 or via the use of our own forest with IcedTea7.

The number of patches applied has dramatically decreased in the 2.x series and we hope to see more of the lingering patches go upstream. The remaining ones are changes to allow the use of system libraries and to support estoric architectures. Help in upstreaming these would be appreciated, particularly from those who can try IcedTea on architectures other than x86, x86_64 and ARM where most builds take place.

The patch pile for IcedTea6 has tended to increase, as this is still the release with the most usage and bug reports from both developers on GNU/Linux distributions and our developers. At the same time, there has been more reluctance from upstream to review these patches, especially as Oracle don’t use OpenJDK6. Again, help with this would be appreciated. There is lots of low-hanging fruit in patches/openjdk which are backports from 7 and just need someone to post and get them approved for 6.