February 2012

The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from OpenJDK using Free Software build tools, along with additional features such as a PulseAudio sound driver and support for alternative virtual machines.

The IcedTea 2.1 release updates our OpenJDK7 support to include the latest updates in u2 as well as the security updates just released:

We believe that this 2.1 release takes IcedTea beyond u3. In addition to the changes in the public OpenJDK7 repository for u2 and the security updates, which is what we believe u3 is comprised of[*], we also include a number of additional fixes (three already in u4):

In addition, IcedTea includes the usual IcedTea patches to allow builds against system libraries and to support more estoric architectures.

Please note support for alternative VM solutions (CACAO, Shark, Zero) may be lacking in this release, as there has been little development activity from the teams concerned since the 2.0 release, while OpenJDK itself has moved on to HotSpot 22. Patches are welcome; please contact the mailing list (distro-pkg-dev@openjdk.java.net) and/or file bugs under the appropriate component.

Full details of the release can be found below.

What’s New?

New in release 2.1 (2012-02-14)

  • Security fixes
  • Bug fixes
    • S4909150: WindowsTreeUI can cause NullPointerException occasionally
    • S4965777: GC changes to support use of discovered field for pending references
    • S6476261: (reflect) GenericSignatureFormatError When signature includes nested inner classes
    • S6478991: C1 NullCheckEliminator yields incorrect exceptions
    • S6484982: G1: process references during evacuation pauses
    • S6591247: C2 cleans up the merge point too early during SplitIf
    • S6670868: StackOverFlow with authenticated Proxy tunnels
    • S6735320: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for empty @serialField tag
    • S6791672: enable 1G and larger pages on solaris
    • S6810861: G1: support -XX:+{PrintClassHistogram,HeapDump}{Before,After}FullGC
    • S6814390: G1: remove the concept of non-generational G1
    • S6898310: (cs) Charset cache lookups should be synchronized
    • S6916968: CMS: freeList.cpp:304 assert(_allocation_stats.prevSweep() + …, “Conservation Principle”)
    • S6918185: Remove unused code for lost card-marking optimization in BacktraceBuilder
    • S6929868: G1: introduce min / max young gen size bounds
    • S6941169: XML parsing cannot be trusted
    • S6941923: RFE: Handling large log files produced by long running Java Applications
    • S6951623: 3/3 possible performance problems in FollowReferences() and GetObjectsWithTags()
    • S6956668: misbehavior of XOR operator (^) with int
    • S6963006: Javacard exception when trying to access card during read operation
    • S6990015: Incorrect Icache line size is used for 64 bit x86
    • S6990212: JSR 292 JVMTI MethodEnter hook is not called for JSR 292 bootstrap and target methods
    • S6994322: Remove the is_tlab and is_noref / is_large_noref parameters from the CollectedHeap
    • S7004681: G1: Extend marking verification to Full GCs
    • S7012081: JSR 292: SA-JDI can’t read MH/MT/Indy ConstantPool entries
    • S7012206: ~20 tools tests failing due to -XX:-UsePerfData default in Java SE Embedded
    • S7012364: test/java/util/Locale/LocaleCategory.sh fails on Cygwin
    • S7012783: JFileChooser fails to resolve DFS links on Windows Vista SP2
    • S7016112: CMS: crash during promotion testing
    • S7016797: Hotspot: securely/restrictive load dlls and new API for loading system dlls
    • S7016881: JSR 292: JDI: sun.jvm.hotspot.utilities.AssertionFailure: index out of bounds
    • S7019773: Problem with java/classes_awt
    • S7019963: The goto parent directory button doesn’t operate in JFileChooser
    • S7020373: JSR rewriting can overflow memory address size variables
    • S7022113: Security icon can be moved behind the window using the com.sun.SecurityWarning.setPosition() method
    • S7024697: SessionRef.dispose() should determine if the token referred to by the token object is still valid
    • S7029903: Splash screen is not shown in 64-bit Linux with 16-bit color depth
    • S7030332: Default borders in tables looks incorrect JEditorPane
    • S7031830: bad_record_mac failure on TLSv1.2 enabled connection with SSLEngine
    • S7032531: G1: enhance GC logging to include more accurate eden / survivor size transitions
    • S7033141: assert(has_cp_cache(i)) failed: oob
    • S7035946: Up to 15% regression on JDK 7 b136 vs b135 on specjvm2008.crypto.rsa on x64
    • S7039182: PPC: NIO: java.io.IOException: Invalid argument in sun.nio.ch.FileDispatcherImpl.read0
    • S7039627: G1: avoid BOT updates for survivor allocations and dirty survivor regions incrementally
    • S7039731: arraycopy could use prefetch on SPARC
    • S7041125: LDAP API does not catch malformed filters that contain two operands for the ! operator
    • S7041800: URI.equals may incorrectly return true with escaped octets
    • S7042148: closed/java/awt/font/TextLayout/CheckLayoutLTR.java failed
    • S7042740: CMS: assert(n> q) failed: Looping at: … blockOffsetTable.cpp:557
    • S7043737: klist does not detect non-existing keytab
    • S7043847: NTML impl of SaslServer throws UnsupportedOperationException from (un)wrap method
    • S7043987: 3/3 JVMTI FollowReferences is slow
    • S7044486: open jdk repos have files with incorrect copyright headers, which can end up in src bundles
    • S7044738: Loop unroll optimization causes incorrect result
    • S7045232: G1: pool names are inconsistent with other collectors (don’t have ‘Space’)
    • S7045330: G1: Simplify/fix the HeapRegionSeq class
    • S7045514: SPARC assembly code for JSR 292 ricochet frames
    • S7045662: G1: OopsInHeapRegionClosure::set_region() should not be virtual
    • S7045697: JDK7 THIRD PARTY README update
    • S7045751: G1: +ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent causes excessive single region evacuation pauses
    • S7046182: G1: remove unnecessary iterations over the collection set
    • S7046490: Preallocated OOME objects should obey Throwable stack trace protocol
    • S7046558: G1: concurrent marking optimizations
    • S7046778: Project Coin: problem with diamond and member inner classes
    • S7047069: Array can dynamically change size when assigned to an object field
    • S7047325: Internal API to improve management of direct buffers
    • S7047491: C1: registers saved incorrectly when calling checkcast_arraycopy stub
    • S7047697: MethodHandle.invokeExact call for wrong method causes VM failure if run with -Xcomp
    • S7047954: VM crashes with assert(is_Mem()) failed
    • S7047961: JSR 292 MethodHandleWalk swap args doesn’t handle T_LONG and T_DOUBLE properly
    • S7048009: Update .jcheck/conf files for JDK 8
    • S7048332: Cadd_cmpLTMask doesn’t handle 64-bit tmp register properly
    • S7048342: CMS: eob == _limit || fc->isFree() failed: Only a free chunk should allow us to cross over the limit
    • S7048782: CMS: assert(last_chunk_index_to_check<= last_chunk_index) failed: parCardTableModRefBS.cpp:359
    • S7049339: AnyBlit is broken with non-rectangular clips.
    • S7049410: JSR 292 old method name MethodHandle.invokeGeneric should not be accepted by the JVM
    • S7049415: Failure of resolution of sym.reference to the c.s.s. should be wrapped in BootstrapMethodError
    • S7049774: UID construction appears to hang if time changed backwards
    • S7049928: VM crashes with “assert(_adapter != NULL) failed: must have” at methodOop.cpp:63
    • S7049999: G1: Make the G1PrintHeapRegions output consistent and complete
    • S7050280: assert(u->as_Unlock()->is_eliminated()) failed: sanity
    • S7050392: G1: Introduce flag to generate a log of the G1 ergonomic decisions
    • S7050554: JSR 292 – need optimization for selectAlternative
    • S7050826: Hebrew characters are not rendered on OEL 5.6
    • S7050935: closed/java/awt/Choice/WheelEventsConsumed/WheelEventsConsumed.html fails on win32
    • S7051430: CMS: ongoing CMS cycle should terminate abruptly to allow prompt JVM termination at exit
    • S7051516: ThreadLocalRandom seed is never initialized so all instances generate the same sequence
    • S7051798: SA-JDI: NPE in Frame.addressOfStackSlot(Frame.java:244)
    • S7052219: JSR 292: Crash in ~BufferBlob::MethodHandles adapters
    • S7052494: Eclipse test fails on JDK 7 b142
    • S7052988: JPRT embedded builds don’t set MINIMIZE_RAM_USAGE
    • S7053189: remove some unnecessary platform-dependent includes
    • S7053520: JSR292: crash in invokedynamic with C1 using tiered and compressed oops
    • S7054211: No loop unrolling done in jdk7b144 for a test update() while loop
    • S7054637: Enable PKCS11 to use raw encoding for the EC point in an Elliptic Curve public key
    • S7055073: G1: code cleanup in the concurrentMark.* files
    • S7055247: Ignore test of # 7020373
    • S7055355: JSR 292: crash while throwing WrongMethodTypeException
    • S7056328: JSR 292 invocation sometimes fails in adapters for types not on boot class path
    • S7056380: VM crashes with SIGSEGV in compiled code
    • S7057046: Add embedded license to THIRD PARTY README
    • S7057120: Tiered: Allow C1 to inline methods with loops
    • S7057297: Project Coin: diamond erroneously accepts in array initializer expressions
    • S7057459: Regression: Performance degradation with java.beans.XMLEncoder
    • S7057705: can’t generate api docs for JDK7 updates
    • S7057857, CVE-2011-3554: insufficient pack200 JAR files uncompress error checks
    • S7057857: SIGSEGV [libunpack.so] store_Utf8_char(signed char*, unsigned short) in java.util.jar.pack200
    • S7057978: improve robustness of c1 ARM back-end wrt non encodable constants
    • S7058036: FieldsAllocationStyle=2 does not work in 32-bit VM
    • S7058510: multinewarray with 6 dimensions uncommon traps in server compiler
    • S7058689: Tiered: Reprofiling doesn’t happen in presence of level 4 OSR methods
    • S7058828: test/java/util/concurrent/Phaser/Arrive.java fails intermittently
    • S7059019: G1: add G1 support to the SA
    • S7059034: Use movxtod/movdtox on T4
    • S7059037: Use BIS for zeroing on T4
    • S7059259: (process) ProcessBuilder.start permission check should be improved when redirecting output to append
    • S7059905: (javadoc) promote method visibility for netbeans usage
    • S7060619: C1 should respect inline and dontinline directives from CompilerOracle
    • S7060642: (javadoc) improve performance on accessing inlinedTags
    • S7060836: RHEL 5.5 and 5.6 should support UseNUMA
    • S7060842: UseNUMA crash with UseHugreTLBFS running SPECjvm2008
    • S7060926: Attr.PostAttrAnalyzer misses a case
    • S7061101: adlc should complain about mixing block and expression forms of ins_encode
    • S7061125: Proposed javac argument processing performance improvement
    • S7061187: need some includes for arm/ppc
    • S7061192: option handling adjustments for oracle and embedded builds
    • S7061197: ThreadLocalStorage sp map table should be optional
    • S7061204: clean the chunk table synchronously in embedded builds
    • S7061212: use o/s low memory notification in embedded builds
    • S7061225: os::print_cpu_info() should support os-specific data
    • S7061379: [Kerberos] Cross-realm authentication fails, due to nameType problem
    • S7061691: Fork HS21 to HS22 – renumber Minor and build numbers of JVM
    • S7061768: Backout fix # 6941169
    • S7062745: Regression: difference in overload resolution when two methods are maximally specific
    • S7062856: Disassembler needs to be smarter about finding hsdis after 1.7 launcher changes
    • S7062969: java -help still shows http://java.sun.com/javase/reference
    • S7063628: Use cbcond on T4
    • S7063629: use cbcond in C2 generated code on T4
    • S7064279: Introspector.getBeanInfo() should release some resources in timely manner
    • S7064544: (javadoc) miscellaneous fixes requested by netbeans
    • S7065535: Mistyped function name that disabled UseLargePages on Windows
    • S7065972: Some race condition may happen in SSLSocketImpl class
    • S7066143: JSR 292: Zero support after regressions from 7009923 and 7009309
    • S7066203: Update currency data to the latest ISO 4217 standard
    • S7066339: Tiered: policy should make consistent decisions about osr levels
    • S7066490: @since 1.7 tag is missing for java.util.regex.Matcher.group(java.lang.String)
    • S7066713: Separate demos from the bundles on Solaris and Linux
    • S7066841: remove MacroAssembler::br_on_reg_cond() on sparc
    • S7067288: compiler regression test Test7052494 timeouts with client VM
    • S7067784: TEST: move testcase for # 7023640 from open to close in 7u1
    • S7067811: Update demo/sample code to state it should not be used for production
    • S7067922: (launcher) java -jar throws NPE if JAR file does not contain Main-Class attribute
    • S7067974: multiple ETYPE-INFO-ENTRY with same etype and different salt
    • S7068047: DnDMerlinQLTestsuite_DnDJTextArea test fails with an java.awt.dnd.InvalidDnDOperationException
    • S7068051: SIGSEGV in PhaseIdealLoop::build_loop_late_post
    • S7068215: G1: Print reference processing time during remark
    • S7068240: G1: Long “parallel other time” and “ext root scanning” when running specific benchmark
    • S7068328: BufferPoolMXBean and PlatformLoggingMXBean getObjectName may return null
    • S7068416: Lightweight HTTP Server should support TCP_NODELAY
    • S7068437: Regression: Filer.getResource(SOURCE_OUTPUT, …) no longer works in JDK 7 w/o -s
    • S7068451: Regression: javac compiles fixed sources against previous, not current, version of generated sources
    • S7068902: (javac) allow enabling or disabling of String folding
    • S7069176: Update the JDK version numbers in Hotspot for JDK 8
    • S7069452: Cleanup NodeFlags
    • S7069863: G1: SIGSEGV running SPECjbb2011 and -UseBiasedLocking
    • S7070061: Adjust Hotspot make/jprt.properties for new JDK8 settings
    • S7070134: Hotspot crashes with sigsegv from PorterStemmer
    • S7071166: LayoutStyle.getPreferredGap() – IAE is expected but not thrown
    • S7071246: Enclosing string literal in parenthesis in switch-case crashes javac
    • S7071248: IME composition window does not disappear when file dialog is closed : Japanese WinXP
    • S7071307: MethodHandle bimorphic inlining should consider the frequency
    • S7071427: AdapterFingerPrint can hold 8 entries per int
    • S7071609: javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6694823/bug6694823.java failed on solaris10
    • S7071653: JSR 292: call site change notification should be pushed not pulled
    • S7071709: JSR 292: switchpoint invalidation should be pushed not pulled
    • S7071823: Zero: zero/shark doesn’t build after b147-fcs
    • S7071904: 4/4 HotSpot: Full Debug Symbols
    • S7072527: CMS: JMM GC counters overcount in some cases
    • S7072645: Toolkit.addPropertyChangeListener(name, pcl) throws NPE for null name
    • S7073337: Crash after playing Java game on Pogo
    • S7073491: -Dsun.net.maxDatagramSockets=1 does not work correctly with system.gc()
    • S7073508: Regression: NullPointerException at com.sun.tools.javac.code.Lint$AugmentVisitor.augment
    • S7073631: (javac) javac parser improvements for error position reporting
    • S7073913: The fix for 7017193 causes segfaults
    • S7074017: Introduce MemBarAcquireLock/MemBarReleaseLock nodes for monitor enter/exit code paths
    • S7074189: some javac tests fail with latest jtreg 4.1 b03
    • S7074386: fallback to fontconfig.<major_version>.bfc/properties if fontconfig.<major_version>.<minor_version>.
    • S7074416: Regression: JSR199: javac doesn’t unwrap clientcodewrapper objects
    • S7074579: G1: JVM crash with JDK7 running ATG CRMDemo Fusion App
    • S7075098: Remove unused fdlibm files
    • S7075105: WIN: Provide a way to format HTML on drop
    • S7075559: JPRT windows_x64 build failure
    • S7075623: 6990212 broke raiseException in 64 bit
    • S7075646: G1: fix inconsistencies in the monitoring data
    • S7076831: TEST_BUG: compiler/5091921/Test7005594.java fails on LOW MEM SYSTEMS
    • S7077439: Possible reference through NULL in loopPredicate.cpp:726
    • S7077769: (zipfs) ZipFileSystem.writeCEN() writes wrong “data size” for ZIP64 extended information extra field
    • S7077806: ARM: java.lang.InternalError: bound subword value does not fit into the subword type
    • S7078382: JSR 292: don’t count method handle adapters against inlining budgets
    • S7079317: Incorrect branch’s destination block in PrintoOptoAssembly output
    • S7079329: Adjust allocation prefetching for T4
    • S7079626: x64 emits unnecessary REX prefix
    • S7079673: JSR 292: C1 should inline bytecoded method handle adapters
    • S7079769: JSR 292: incorrect size() for CallStaticJavaHandle on sparc
    • S7080038: (ann) Serializable types in sun.reflect.annotation do not declare serialVersionUIDs
    • S7080289: java/awt/AWTKeyStroke/AlienClass/Test2.java failed on jdk1.5.0_32b02 but passed on previous build
    • S7080389: G1: refactor marking code in evacuation pause copy closures
    • S7080431: VM asserts if specified size(x) in .ad is larger than emitted size
    • S7081012: REGRESSION:Component.transferFocusBackward invokes clearGlobalFocusOwner()
    • S7081064: G1: remove develop params G1FixedSurvivorSpaceSize, G1FixedTenuringThreshold, and G1FixedEdenSize
    • S7081251: bump the hs22 build number to 02
    • S7081926: assert(VM_Version::supports_sse2()) failed: must support
    • S7082220: Visual Studio projects broken after change 7016797: Hotspot: securely/restrictive load dlls and new
    • S7082263: Reflection::resolve_field/field_get/field_set are broken
    • S7082631: JSR 292: need profiling support in GWTs
    • S7082645: Hotspot doesn’t compile on old linuxes after 7060836
    • S7082689: allow duplicate bug ids in jdk7u repos
    • S7082769: FileInputStream/FileOutputStream/RandomAccessFile allow file descriptor be closed when still in use
    • S7082949: JSR 292: missing ResourceMark in methodOopDesc::make_invoke_method
    • S7082969: NUMA interleaving
    • S7083184: JSR 292: don’t store context class argument with call site dependencies
    • S7083786: dead various dead chunks of code
    • S7083916: Bump the hs22 build number to 03
    • S7084509: G1: fix inconsistencies and mistakes in the young list target length calculations
    • S7085012: ARM: com/sun/jdi/PopSynchronousTest.java still fails
    • S7085137: -XX:+VerifyOops is broken
    • S7085279: C1 overflows code buffer with VerifyOops and CompressedOops
    • S7085404: JSR 292: VolatileCallSites should have push notification too
    • S7085860: JSR 292: implement CallSite.setTargetNormal and setTargetVolatile as native methods
    • S7085906: Replace the permgen allocated sentinelRef with a self-looped end
    • S7085944: FDS: gdb does not find debug symbols for libjsig link
    • S7086226: UseNUMA fails on old versions of windows
    • S7086261: javac doesn’t report error as expected, it only reports ClientCodeWrapper$DiagnosticSourceUnwrapper
    • S7086394: c2/arm: enable UseFPUForSpilling
    • S7086533: G1: assert(!_g1->is_obj_dead(obj)): We should not be preserving dead objs: g1CollectedHeap.cpp:3835
    • S7086560: 7085404 changes broke VM with -XX:-EnableInvokeDynamic
    • S7086585: make Java field injection more flexible
    • S7086589: bump the hs22 build number to 04
    • S7087445: Improve platform independence of JSR292 shared code
    • S7087453: PhaseChaitin::yank_if_dead() should handle MachTemp inputs
    • S7087583: Hotspot fails to allocate heap with mmap(MAP_HUGETLB)
    • S7087717: G1: make the G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo parameter diagnostic
    • S7087947: Add regression test for 7068051
    • S7087956: add libattach.so to embedded JRE to enable additional troubleshooting support
    • S7088020: SEGV in JNIHandleBlock::release_block
    • S7088287: libpng need to be updated.
    • S7088955: add C2 IR support to the SA
    • S7088991: Bump ths hs22 build number to 05
    • S7089625: G1: policy for how many old regions to add to the CSet (when young gen is fixed) is broken
    • S7089632: assert(machtmp->outcnt() == 1) failed: expected for a MachTemp
    • S7089709: type “jushort” not found
    • S7090069: Java launcher hangs in infinite loop on windows when UseNUMA[Interleaving] is specified
    • S7090259: Fix hotspot sources to build with old compilers
    • S7090654: nightly failures after 7086585
    • S7090843: (tz) Support tzdata2011j
    • S7090844: Support a timezone whose offset is changed more than once in the future
    • S7091032: G1: assert failure when NewRatio is used
    • S7091141: JAXP 1.4.5 update 1 for 7u2
    • S7091255: Bump the hs22 build number to 06
    • S7091294: disable quicksort tests
    • S7091369: DatagramSocket/Limit.java failing on 8 and 7u2
    • S7091528: javadoc attempts to parse .class files
    • S7092186: adjust package access in rmiregistry
    • S7092236: java/util/EnumSet/EnumSetBash.java fails
    • S7092238: G1: Uninitialized field gc_efficiency in G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo output
    • S7092245: G1: Wrong format specifier in G1PrintRegionLivenessInfo header output
    • S7092278: “jmap -finalizerinfo” throws “sun.jvm.hotspot.utilities.AssertionFailure: invalid cp index 0 137″
    • S7092412: G1: Some roots not marked during an initial mark that gets an evacuation failure
    • S7092679: (tz) Java getting wrong timezone/DST info on Solaris 11
    • S7093108: Bump the hs22 build number to 07
    • S7095698: jdk7u2 does not work as a bootstrap after 7091141
    • S7096366: PPC: corruption of floating-point values with DeoptimizeALot
    • S7097048: G1: extend the G1 SA changes to print per-heap space information
    • S7097053: G1: assert(da ? referent->is_oop() : referent->is_oop_or_null()) failed: referenceProcessor.cpp:1054
    • S7098719: -Dsun.net.maxDatagramSockets and Socket constructor does not work correctly with System.gc()
    • S7099017: jdk7u2-dev does not build
    • S7099228: Use a PKCS11 config attribute to control encoding of an EC point
    • S7099399: cannot deal with CRL file larger than 16MB
    • S7099488: TwoStacksPlainSocketImpl should invoke super.create(stream), typo in fix for 7098719
    • S7100165: JSR 292: leftover printing code in methodHandleWalk.cpp
    • S7100757: The BitSet.nextSetBit() produces incorrect result in 32bit VM on Sparc
    • S7101102: Bump the hs22 build number to 08
    • S7101658: Backout 7082769 changes
    • S7102337: Third Party License Readme updates for 7u2
    • S7102369: remove java.rmi.server.codebase property parsing from registyimpl
    • S7102515: javac running very very long and not returning
    • S7103108: (tz) Support tzdata2011l
    • S7103224: collision between __LEAF define in interfaceSupport.hpp and /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h with gcc
    • S7103405: Correct display names for Pacific/Apia timezone
    • S7103610: _NET_WM_PID and WM_CLIENT_MACHINE are not set
    • S7104126: Insert openjdk copyright header back into TZdata files
    • S7108550: Bump the hs22 build number to 09
    • S7108598: Pogo Table Games freeze with JDK 7
    • S7110428: Crash during HeapDump operation
    • S7110586: C2 generates incorrect results
    • S7110590: DnDMerlinQLTestsuite_DnDJTextArea test fails with an java.awt.dnd.InvalidDnDOperationException
    • S7112766: Bump the hs22 build number to 10
    • S7140882: Don’t return booleans from methods returning pointers
    • Don’t force -Werror on in com/sun/java/pack
  • JamVM
    • Implement classlibCheckIfOnLoad().
    • Make thread states JVMTI compatible.
    • Add OpenBSD/sparc to list of recognised hosts.
    • Handle ‘g’ when specifying memory + extra checks.

The tarball can be downloaded from:

SHA256 checksums:

  • 8492920dccae8b76bcb41f91f8d98b2dc619380531a679f1f9ea4e166ad02ec6 icedtea-2.1.tar.gz

Each tarball is accompanied by a digital signature. This is produced using my public key:

The following people helped with these releases:

  • Andrew John Hughes (import of u2, security fixes)
  • Omair Majid (S7102334 backport)
  • Damien Raude-Morvan (update of bootstrap build for u2)
  • Xerxes Rånby (CACAO and JamVM support)

We would also like to thank the bug reporters and testers!

To get started:

$ tar xzf icedtea-2.1.tar.gz
$ cd icedtea-2.1

Full build requirements and instructions are in INSTALL:

$ ./configure [--with-parallel-jobs --enable-pulse-java --enable-systemtap ...]
$ make

Happy hacking!

[*] It is difficult to make authoritative statements about u3 as the release is proprietary. Oracle still do not provide GPL binaries based on OpenJDK.

The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from OpenJDK6 using Free Software build tools, along with additional features such as a PulseAudio sound driver and support for alternative
virtual machines.

A new set of security releases is now available for IcedTea6, which uses OpenJDK6 as its base:

  • IcedTea6 1.8.13 (based on OpenJDK6 b18)
  • IcedTea6 1.9.13 (based on OpenJDK6 b20)
  • IcedTea6 1.10.6 (based on OpenJDK6 b22)

and one for IcedTea 2.x, which uses OpenJDK7 as its base:

  • IcedTea 2.0.1 (based on OpenJDK7 u1 + u3 security patches)

All updates contain the following security fixes:

Full details of each release can be found below. For details of the 1.11.1 security release, see Omair’s e-mail.

*PLEASE NOTE*: With this release, the 1.8 series is now NO LONGER SUPPORTED. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to a new release series; either 1.9.13, 1.10.6 or 1.11.1 for OpenJDK6. Alternatively, make the jump to OpenJDK7 with 2.0.1 or the new 2.1.0 (to be released shortly).

What’s New?

New in release 2.0.1 (2012-02-14)

New in release 1.10.6 (2012-02-14)

New in release 1.9.13 (2012-02-14)

New in release 1.8.13 (2012-02-14)

The tarballs can be downloaded from:

SHA256 checksums:

  • 9d3c4d3676c2286003cf9beb9fc3ee442d2c04b3f8b229be140fe636c9e70101 icedtea-2.0.1.tar.gz
  • 4bdd8ff2e6a93455425eeabd6c073137bf3816ad16ce6e89979ec1521e03c7f1 icedtea6-1.10.6.tar.gz
  • 1c972e03be7021e1b789e6077df9c74af7df239182d20d2478f7a60bc68e3c61 icedtea6-1.9.13.tar.gz
  • be3afacb9a08cdf932e4772f7f5575c53f21a2a60456eb4e8e63e18fa4e2e41b icedtea6-1.8.13.tar.gz

Each tarball is accompanied by a digital signature (available at the above URL + ‘.sig’). This is produced using my public key:

  • PGP Key: 248BDC07 (https://keys.indymedia.org/)
  • Fingerprint = EC5A 1F5E C0AD 1D15 8F1F 8F91 3B96 A578 248B DC07

The following people helped with these releases:

We would also like to thank the bug reporters and testers!

To get started:

$ tar xzf <tarball name>
$ cd <tarball name minus .tar.gz suffix>

Full build requirements and instructions are in INSTALL:

$ ./configure [--with-parallel-jobs[=x] --enable-pulse-java --enable-systemtap ...]
$ make

Happy Hacking!

I’ve just updated the release policy page on the IcedTea wiki to include IcedTea 2.1. I’ve also now updated it with the relationship of each IcedTea release to the OpenJDK release it uses as a base. Each IcedTea release supplements OpenJDK with various patches, whether via application at build-time in IcedTea6 or via the use of our own forest with IcedTea7.

The number of patches applied has dramatically decreased in the 2.x series and we hope to see more of the lingering patches go upstream. The remaining ones are changes to allow the use of system libraries and to support estoric architectures. Help in upstreaming these would be appreciated, particularly from those who can try IcedTea on architectures other than x86, x86_64 and ARM where most builds take place.

The patch pile for IcedTea6 has tended to increase, as this is still the release with the most usage and bug reports from both developers on GNU/Linux distributions and our developers. At the same time, there has been more reluctance from upstream to review these patches, especially as Oracle don’t use OpenJDK6. Again, help with this would be appreciated. There is lots of low-hanging fruit in patches/openjdk which are backports from 7 and just need someone to post and get them approved for 6.

News from the Libre Java room at FOSDEM… The ARM Port Without a Name (henceforth known as APWaN) in the IcedTea repository, originally written by Ed Nevill and recently given some love by Andrew Haley, has passed the OpenJDK6 TCK! Now on to the OpenJDK7 TCK… when we finally get our sweaty palms on it…