IcedTea7 2.0 has now branched for release. I plan to do the release on Monday evening here in the UK, pending major issues.

Features new since 1.14

  • PR717: All non-bootstrap non-conditional patches in IcedTea7 should be in the forest or dropped. The only patches now in IcedTea7 are either conditional or necessary to bootstrap. The other patches have been either moved to the forest or removed because they were no longer required.
  • Convert to optional system library usage via USE_SYSTEM_ZLIB/JPEG/PNG/GIF. The old libraries.patch is now upstream in the form of USE_SYSTEM_ZLIB/JPEG/PNG/GIF. It also has also been joined by some friends: USE_SYSTEM_GTK/CUPS/FONTCONFIG/GIO which relate to libraries formally used by dlopen/dlsym calls, but which can now optionally be linked at runtime to reduce the risk of issues. More on this in an upcoming blog.
  • PR790: Re-include JAXP and JAXWS in the source tree. Previously, the JAXP and JAXWS repository tarballs were fairly useless as all they contained was build machinery, with the actual code being in another tarball. Not only did this increase the amount of build machinery and downloading required, it also made it harder to patch the sources. The sources have now been restored to the OpenJDK tree (a facility provided by the upstream build code) and the drop machinery in IcedTea7 removed.
  • Allow the compiler used to be overridden by setting BUILD_GCC/BUILD_CPP. This is a more general version of the gcc-suffix patch. BUILD_GCC and BUILD_CPP can be set to any arbitrary C/C++ compiler and IcedTea7 defaults to using $(CC) and $(CXX).

System dependency updates

  • IcedTea7 now works with Linux 3.0+ and libpng 1.5+

Please test prior to release. The release branch is currently with an accompanying forest:

A pre-release tarball is now available, made against the branchpoint after a make distcheck:

It’s signed with my new public key:

pub   4096R/248BDC07 2011-09-28 [expires: 2012-09-27]
uid                  Dr Andrew John Hughes <>
uid                  Dr Andrew John Hughes <>
sub   4096R/954E386D 2011-09-28 [expires: 2012-09-27]

Update 1

FYI, I’ve already discovered that bootstrapping with IcedTea7 seems to have broken again… :-( Working on a fix. Bootstrap builds with GNU Classpath and non-bootstrap builds with IcedTea6/7 should be fine.