OpenJDK7 b75 was just promoted, but it seems nothing from the build forest made it, due to bootstrap issues caused by a HotSpot change that wasn’t fully tested. Hence, you’ll find a changeset for the Zero assembler port in the HotSpot tree, but not the corresponding changeset for the JDK tree.

Similarly, a changeset I committed to fix building OpenJDK7 with itself, following the FontManager refactoring, was also missed. If your build fails due to a missing method in the sun.awt.FontManager class, this is why.

Both fixes have been integrated into the IcedTea forest so users of either that, or its downstream IcedTea7 will have both Zero and a working bootstrap. I’ve alerted the JDK7 project to both these issues, so hopefully these two changesets will appear in milestone 5.


The changes will be in M5; the initial set of patches for b76 is available in this webrev from Tim Bell.

Update 2

Second part of Zero is in b76.