June 2009

Further to the work and blogs by Xerces and Gary, I forwardported the necessary changesets to IcedTea7 and was able to do a full bootstrap there too:

$ /mnt/builder/shark/openjdk/build/linux-amd64/j2sdk-image/bin/java -version
java version “1.7.0_0-icedtea”
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea7 1.10-r05f411adf2f1) (build 1.7.0_0-icedtea-b59)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Shark VM (build 16.0-b03, mixed mode)

Sadly it seems I had to run make twice to achieved this – PR 348 – I hope this is just some minor issue with the version of LLVM.

We are proud to announce the release of IcedTea 1.10.

The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from OpenJDK (http://openjdk.java.net) using Free Software build tools, along with a number of additional features:

  • Plugin support
  • javaws support via netx
  • Multiple architecture support via Zero/Shark

What’s New?

  • Updated to OpenJDK7 b59 build via IcedTea forest. Now includes SCTP and Nimbus Swing look and feel.
  • Static trace support through systemtap. When given the configure option –enable-systemtap IcedTea will build HotSpot with the dtrace static markers enabled and install an HotSpot tapset that can be used to dynamically trace execution of java applications at runtime. See the tapset/hotspot.stp file for documentation of the various trace points and arguments available.
  • Allow building of other virtual machines besides the default VM. Additional virtual machines on architectures where HotSpot is available are CACAO and zero (or shark), and CACAO, where zero (or shark) is available. It’s not possible to build cacao as the default VM, and zero as additional VM.
  • New options –enable-nimbus and –enable-nimbus-generation. The default is that the first is on but the second is off, so Nimbus is built but without needing to generate the files using JIBX.
  • Many build fixes, notably to make netx/the plugin work. IcedTea7 now avoids the binary plug mechanism in favour of using the same method as CORBA, JAXP, JAXWS and langtools to import the plugin/netx code.
  • Several web browser plugin and javaws support fixes:
    • Fixed security handling to prevent access denials when there is a site specific exception in the policy file
    • Allow extensions (chrome) to run Java code with full permissions
    • Added non-trusted SSL support to WebStart (javaws)
    • Added proxy support
    • Other improvements that were breaking specific sites (tag parser fix, nested jar support, etc.)
    • Added JVM Console (used by http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/)
    • Experimental new plugin enabled by –enable-npplugin.
    • Original plugin is now enabled by –enable-plugin, not –enable-liveconnect.
  • LCMS security fixes.
  • Many build improvements.
  • Many zero/shark/jtreg fixes.
  • Other bug fixes.


The tarball can be found here:

Thanks to Lillian Angel, Fedora RPMs are available from:

Ubuntu packages will also be available shortly; Matthias Klose will
provide further information via e-mail when this occurs.

The following people helped with this release:
Lillian Angel, Gary Benson, Deepak Bhole, Andrew Haley, Andrew John Hughes, Ioana Ivan, Matthias Klose, Omair Majid, Xerxes RĂ„nby, Robert Schuster, Mark Wielaard

We would also like to thank all the bug reporters and testers!

To get started:

$ hg clone http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/release/icedtea-1.10
$ cd icedtea-1.10

Full build requirements and instructions are in INSTALL:

$ ./configure [--enable-visualvm --with-openjdk --enable-pulse-java
--enable-systemtap --enable-zero --enable-shark...]
$ make

If you’re packaging 1.10 for your distro, now is the time to start your engines!


Packages for Debian and Ubuntu are available.