Over the last week, I’ve been getting Gentoo and Free Java up and running on my new x86_64 box, a process which has culminated in the creation of my own overlay:


For those unfamiliar with Gentoo, an overlay is an additional set of packages (known in Gentoo as ebuilds, as for a source-based distribution the packages are essentially build scripts) which can be placed over the top of the main system tree to provide newer/better versions of existing builds and completely new ones too.

The Libre Java overlay includes a build for GCJ 4.3 (adapted from the one for an alpha snapshot in the java-gcj-overlay) and one for IcedTea6. Unfortunately, Gentoo’s Java support seems incredibly broken — the main stable and experimental (~) distributions don’t include OpenJDK or IcedTea, and the stable versions of GNU Classpath and VMs like CACAO and JamVM are ancient. GNU Classpath is still on 0.90, which is older than the one in Debian stable. It also tries to pull in the proprietary JDK by default; I recommend Free Java Gentoo users add:


to package.mask to avoid accidentally installing proprietary software on their machines. Unfortunately, stable versions of portage have yet to honour any license scheming, although it is in the unstable version. If you use Gentoo, feel free to try out the ebuilds from my overlay and give feedback. To use it, just get Mercurial (emerge mercurial), clone the repository:

hg clone http://fuseyism.com/hg/libre_java_overlay

and then add the following to /etc/make.conf:

PORTDIR_OVERLAY=<location you downloaded libre_java_overlay to>

The build process for IcedTea6 is fully documented on the IcedTea wiki.