One of the things I’m currently working on is getting Classpath to a state where the stuff I’ve worked on becomes useful i.e. where we can attach to a VM either locally or remotely and get pretty graphs of things like memory usage via JConsole.

I’m tracking this via a couple of meta bugs. PR34277 represents our final goal of being able to monitor Classpath VMs and use Classpath to monitor other VMs, while PR34078 is looking at simply getting JConsole up and running on GNU Classpath. I’ve had some progress with this today. I’ve closed three bugs (two of them Swing/AWT ones which I’m quite chuffed about) and finally got some visible progress:

JConsole running on GNU Classpath

So far so good. The menus don’t work though (PR34581) and there’s also a problem once you click Connect (PR34582). The latter looks easy enough to solve (we just need to be checking for null!) and the menu thing is more of an annoyance than a blocker (the keyboard shortcuts on the menu items do work). However, I feel there is still a lot more to do before it works.