October 2007

With any luck, Classpath 0.96 will be out tomorrow evening. Please get your patches in by 9am UTC tomorrow. Any testing would be much appreciated!

Now that SoC is finished, I’m looking at what to do next and a lot of things within the Free Java world are competing for my attention. Primarily, we need to get another Classpath release out the door as 0.95 was released in April. There have been quite a few bug fixes since then, and it would be nice to make these more widely available. Also, we plan on releasing a new version of JikesRVM pretty soon, and it really should ship with the latest Classpath. One issue that I believe should be fixed in CVS (e-mails this week seem to be saying something to the contrary) is buidling using OpenJDK’s javac. For JikesRVM, this would mean it could drop its dependency on downloading, building and using ecj. A plan for this is now on the Classpath wiki.

On the subject of JikesRVM, I’ve now been made a member of the core team and I’m working towards integrating the JMX stuff (still on the SoC branch) into the main tree. For the imminent release, I think this will just be the parts that don’t impact too heavily. There are some changes to the threading code involved that I think need to wait until post-release and more review/performance testing.

In the long run, I’d like to see Classpath being able to run JConsole, which means supporting the remote part of the JMX specification. This should hopefully mean a new blast of code into the Classpath repository which has been dormant of late. I also need to look further at IcePick, merging my work on building the Java tools (javac, javadoc, etc) with Dalibor’s SoC work for javac. There’s also more work that could be done on GJDoc, if we’re still maintaining that, and I’d like to look and see if there’s anything that I can do to contribute to OpenJDK yet (the modules stuff Dalibor mentioned to me looks interesting). Lots to do, I should file a bug request for a 48-hour day enhancement…