It’s been a while since I last blogged and I’ve since made quite a bit of progress. Today, I committed the last patch that gives JikesRVM support for three of the management beans. The remaining ones focus on memory and threading. For the former, I’ll need to take a more detailed look at MMTk over the next few days, while the threading bean will require me to merge my branch back with HEAD, as Ian’s made some structural changes in that area.

In the long run, it would be nice to not just implement the bean interfaces but also to provide additional information. Sun already does this; their OS bean for example contains more data than the management interface specifies. Really, anything about the VM that people want to monitor should be available through these beans.

Peter Donald has also kindly committed my patch since I last wrote. This means that the Classpath examples can be run with HEAD as well as on my local branch. Prior to this patch, the gnu.classpath namespace was blacklisted, stopping gnu.classpath.examples.* being used.

It would be nice to see another Classpath release soon, so I’m going to try and look into helping Mark out a bit this next week by running Mauve and looking for any regressions. There has been a lot less coding, but there are some important patches that should really be released. I’d also like the next release to support building JikesRVM, which means making sure my patches get in. I still have no clue how to implement hex string parsing though, and no-one else has come forward ;(


I’ve also been following twisti’s instructions on installing OpenJDK with CACAO this week. The advantage of this for me is that it means I can have OpenJDK on ppc64 :) In the process, we uncovered problems with the Math trigonometry functions. sin(0.7) seems to wrongly return 0.7 on ppc and ppc64, and some negative value on alpha. According to the reply we got on the core-libs mailing list, this is because the functions are implemented intrinsically to the VM for Math and only via fdlibm for StrictMath. Of course, gcj gives the right answer :)

twisti gave me a patch for solving a problem with ioctl on 64-bit archs over the weekend, and so I’ll be trying again with that and b17 tomorrow. Hopefully, we may then get a successful build.