Finally seen some success this morning. Firstly, JikesRVM now boots. It won’t load the classes I want it to from a zip but it does boot. I found the solution following some advice from Ian Rogers last night. I copied java.lang.Runtime (the failing class) into the library interface and added a few VM.sysWriteln calls to get some debugging info. As I guessed from looking at the code, it seems the Runtime isn’t null and so an error is thrown. JikesRVM then fails to throw the error because not enough of it is there yet.

The solution is actually quite simple: I extended the test to also check that VM.fullyBooted is true. If it isn’t, it still goes ahead and initialises Runtime and this gets things going to a point where JikesRVM goes ‘oi, specify some classes!’ (well nicer than that, but you get the jist).

Unfortunately, actually specifying some doesn’t seem to work:

Boot sequence completed; finishing boot thread
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not find the class

Iced Success

To top it all, I just finally got a build of IcedTea through!

IcedTea is served: openjdk/control/build/linux-amd64

This is on Debian stable with a copy of gcj svn lurking around (from my earlier attempts). Biggest problem was getting it happy with a compiler; I had to use ecj 3.2 in the end from the JikesRVM build as it didn’t like my version or javac. Other funny issues include messing up the generated files because my copy of gcj has some of my debug output in it and linking against a rogue libjvm that was still floating around. It also didn’t like fastjar or any of my Sun tool wrappers, preferring the ones from Classpath.

I also had to drop back to the copy of OpenJDK I originally downloaded on the release. b15 won’t work, either built using IcedTea or from the binary drop. The binary drop of b13 does, so something went wrong since. It also fails for twisti, but he’s doing some weird build stuff with cacao so it could be that… ;)

Comments on IcedTea: seems to work well, although I wonder why it rebuilds rt.jar and jce.jar all the time, and just gets completely confused if I specify an openjdk source dir but no zip file (guess I didn’t understand that option properly)

Weather’s bad ‘ere too

This is for Andrew Cowie — it’s not only Australia seeing abnormal weather at the moment..

Sheffield Floods