I’ve been away for pretty much all of last week, attending a UK GRADSchool in Bournemouth, so there’s not been much action on the Free Java front. However, SoC officially started for real on the bank holiday (28th), so expect things to heat up from here on in. I’m still chewing over the JikesRVM build process, which managed to stall my machine the other night!

The good news is that the apt problem looks to be resolved. I’ve succeeded in splitting out javac and apt from the OpenJDK (although actually the javac is still the separate one from earlier, as I was having problems with the newer version) and can now build them using some autoconf jiggery-pokery. Which means I now have an apt ‘binary’ or actually a shell script that invokes cacao with the appropriate com.sun.tools.apt.Main wizardry. Probably should try creating a native binary with gcj at some point as well. Unless I missed it, JikesRVM is yet to hit this in the build process, but it is building the appropriate classes now, having found them in my little fake tools.jar. So things are looking brighter.

Hopefully some actual dev work soon… ;)