This Thursday, I’ll be giving a seminar in Manchester in relation to GNU Classpath and its handling of the new language features in Java 1.5. I’ve included the contents of the e-mail about this below, and I’m also attaching the slides — comments welcome.

BTW, It seems SoC ends even sooner than I thought — just next Monday! (the 5th is the evaluation deadline). Now that Tom Tromey has merged our branches together, I need to add a bit more meat to the native management stubs that exist. The Classpath side has been a definite success, resulting in over half of being developed, all of and the majority of (all but the bean server is complete).


“GNU Classpath and Java 1.5.0″

Thursday, 17th August 2006, 2:15pm

Lecture Theater 1.5, Kilburn Building

The APT group is delighted to have invited Andrew Hughes from the GNU
Classpath project to present on Thursday 17th of August. GNU Classpath
is the core library of most open source virtual machines and the GNU
Compiler for Java, part of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). Andrew is
the maintainer of the generics branch of GNU Classpath, this project
will allow open source JVMs to implement the richer language and API
features of Java 5.0.


The GNU Classpath project focuses on creating a clean-room
implementation of the class libraries used by virtual machines and
compilers for the Java programming language, under a Free Software
license. The recent additions to the Java programming language in
version 1.5 have introduced new issues for the project, due to the
necessity to introduce changes across the board, in the compiler, the VM
and the library itself. In this talk, I will briefly describe the
changes made to the Java programming language in version 1.5, and then
show how developers on the GNU Classpath project, and associated
compiler and VM projects (such as Kaffe, GCJ and JikesRVM) have worked
to ensure that there can exist a Free implementation of this material.

I’ve been a developer on the GNU Classpath project for just over two
years. During this time, my work has focused on maintaining the
‘generics branch’ of the project, which attempts to handle the changes
in Java 1.5. Recently, I’ve also been involved in a Google Summer of
Code project. This was also related to GNU Classpath, but focused on
bringing support for the low-level management features in to the project. My work on the project takes place
in what spare time I have available, aside from my commitments to the
postgraduate degree I’m currently undertaking at the University of
Sheffield, in the area of process algebraic research.