I checked the finish date for SoC the other day and realised that it is in fact quite close; only September 5th. It seems to have lasted hardly any time at all.

As far as my project goes, the Classpath side is largely complete. Each bean is now a fully paid up dynamic bean, that can be probed for its attributes. They also return a descriptor using a limited set of open types, and provide conversion to these types in an implementation of getAttribute, which overrides the one in StandardMBean.

As part of doing this, javax.management.openmbean has become 100% complete according to JAPI, which is a nice indication of the work done. java.lang.management is also approaching this; we just need a platform server now. Unfortunately, it will never reach 100% on HEAD until the generics branch is merged in, as 12% accounts for an enumeration (which seems to weigh quite a lot, but then it does have both its own methods and all those derived from Enum and Object, none of which I had to write).

The gcj-eclipse-jmx branch is nearly in a buildable state. All the build problems I’ve had are now sorted, and I’m actually at the point where the errors are clear linking errors, caused by missing native methods (of which they are quite a few, due to the introduction of the concurrency stuff too). It should be usable soon, and it already includes a working implementation of the runtime bean.