Again, it’s been a while since I blogged, so time for another update. The current status is quite different from the last time I wrote. Classpath CVS HEAD now includes implementations of all the beans, with VM interfaces, and is just awaiting a few finishing touches that require stuff from the blob of packages (which are slowly getting implemented on a as-needed basis). Last week, I added support for the open management bean CompositeData class, and a translation from instances of that into instances of ThreadInfo and MemoryUsage. Today, notification support was largely added; all that is needed now is to implement the bit in the memory bean that actually implements the required interface and creates appropriate instances on a callback from the VM.

After that, the beans need to become real management beans (i.e. implementations of DynamicMBean really), and then be made available via an MBeanServer instance (the platform server). This will require most of the rest of, I guess, and I think the rest can wait until the SoC project finishes.

On the GCJ front, the copyright issues were sorted out, and I now have a branch: gcj-eclipse-jmx, which is based on Tom Tromey’s gcj-eclipse branch, but with a more up-to-date copy of the generics branch, including the management changes. I currently have a implementation of the Runtime bean on there, but things aren’t really buildable at present. Still a fair bit to sort out, but certainly things seem feasible in the time remaining.