We got some good news the other night — RMS approved using ecj as a driver for gcj. Once this goes ahead, we’ll have two compilers supporting building a Classpath with all the 1.5 language goodies, which means we’ll probably be able to merge the generics branch back to HEAD and have just one Classpath again…

Unfortunately, we will drop from three to two compilers in the process; it doesn’t look like Jikes will ever be updated to match 1.5. It’s pretty sad that basically only one Free compiler will support 1.5 (ecj, and ecj masquerading as gcj for the front-end part). Tom Tromey’s experiment with a new frontend, gcjx, is, to use his own words, ‘dead’. I guess the amount of extra stuff that got added in is just too much.

So, how soon will we now have a final merge of the two branches? We’re basically still waiting on gcj, although with the politics now sorted out, things look a lot more hopeful. If some basic support could be snuck in for 4.2, we could have support pretty soon (by the end of the year). If things keep going the way they are, we might just have 1.5 largely done by the time it gets to October and 1.6 appears.

In prospect of this merge, I’ve been trying to ease things a little this weekend, by getting most of the stuff that can go over on to HEAD. Unfortunately, it does mean there are a few files with some nasty hacks in and missing methods that will never be resolved until the merge occurs. The classes are still functional; I’m limiting it to stuff where a few minor removals or changes will get something workable on to the main branch, and where the changes that are made will show up in our JAPI results. Things will be much nicer though, when everything is one again.